5 Questions With Joe Lu, Co-Founder And CEO Of heymax.ai, Helping Users To Optimise Air Miles Rewards

heymax at the Singapore FinTech Festival

As consumers, we always want to maximise our purchases and rewards. While this sounds simple enough, it’s not always straightforward to achieve. 

Today, the credit card market is highly saturated and there are so many miles (and even cashbacks) credit cards to choose from. When it comes to payment methods, there are more ways that we can transact today, including e-wallets and digital accounts. Even if we carefully seek out the best bang for our buck, there is no guarantee that we are making the right choice.

heymax is a consumer-facing Fintech startup that bridges the gap between consumers, payment platforms, and businesses by providing a one-stop payment platform. Shopping with heymax, the site will automatically recommend the best credit card to optimise for each transaction. 

What’s more, users get to earn Max Miles on top of their own card rewards, allowing them to “double dip” on air miles!

Like many other innovative startups, heymax aims to target consumers at its root, providing them a quick and efficient, yet rewarding shopping experience. Such a model may sound ambitious, but with the advent of new and improved technologies like AI and machine learning, e-commerce may be on the cusp of another disruption.

At the 2023 Singapore Fintech Festival, DollarsAndSense spoke to Joe Lu, Co-Founder and CEO of heymax. Joe shared the challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial journey, some tips and tricks to streamline business processes, as well as gave advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Singapore’s consumer-facing fintech landscape. 

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