Finding A Job In The Post-COVID-19 World – Business Roundup (25 Oct 2020)

In spite of the imported cases still being discovered each day, the number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore has fallen significantly over the past two months.

Even while the health crisis in Singapore seems contained – at least for now, the local economy may continue to struggle in the coming months as many countries such as the U.S., UK and India continues to cope with containing the outbreak.

This puts pressure on both employers and workers who will need to continue finding ways to sustain their businesses and jobs in the Post-COVID-19 world.

One such program that Singapore companies can consider tapping on would be the Enterprise Leadership for Transformation. This program aims to support SME business leaders in their next phase of growth and is part of a broader spectrum of programmes aimed to transform Singapore’s economy and spearheading digital adoption.

Finding A Job Amid A Global Health Pandemic And Recession

To address jobseekers’ needs during this unprecedented crisis, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has released a Jobs Situation Report detailing key updates and information in the jobs market. This is particularly useful for for those who are finding a job but are unsure of which sectors in Singapore are still actively hiring workers.

And while the traditional norm in the past is for workers to be employed in a full-time capacity, more people are now open to take on part-time jobs, either as a way to earn additional income on top of their full-time employment or as an interim solution.

As such, if your company intends to hire more part-timers, it’s important that you and your workers understand the employment regulations that govern part-time working arrangements. Not everyone knows but part-time workers are also entitled to benefits such as CPF contributions, leave entitlements and maternity and childcare leaves.

As we move towards a new normal, companies need to quickly adopt digital solutions to survive the pandemic and to also thrive on the opportunities that present itself.

One entrepreneur doing that is Baru Walia, the Founder and CEO of Footsy International Pte.Ltd. The company is best known for its football super app – Footsy App, which enables people to organise a football game between friends, book a football pitch at various locations in Singapore, make e-payments, directly split costs between players and store game statistics.

With COVID-19 putting a stop to football games in Singapore temporarily, Footsy is adding new features such as e-sports and e-commerce, and has started video channels dedicated to fans of individual football teams to continue ensuring that the app remains relevant even during this period.

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