5 Eco-Friendly Packaging Suppliers That F&B Owners Can Purchase From To Build A More Sustainable Business

Sustainable packaging for F&B businesses in Singapore

According to NEA, packaging waste makes up about 1/3 of domestic waste disposed of in Singapore, amounting to more than 0.5 million tonnes in 2018.

With a heavy reliance on packaging, and the growing trend of food delivery services, drastically eradicating packaging waste will be a difficult task for many F&B business owners. To play your part in supporting the environment and build a more sustainable business, F&B owners can consider sourcing sustainable packaging solutions.

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Here are 5 eco-friendly packaging suppliers that F&B owners can consider.

 Eco-Friendly Packaging Suppliers For F&B Businesses.

#1 BioPak

Source: BioPak

As the first packaging company to become carbon neutral in Australia and New Zealand, BioPak prides themselves in offering the most sustainable and innovative packaging on the market. From cutleries to napkins to bags, BioPak provides a variety of sustainable packaging solutions that cater to the diverse needs of an F&B business.

This eco-friendly supplier also offers custom packaging to enable businesses to own brand visibility on their packaging, while demonstrating that they are an environmentally responsible establishment. 

#2 Eco U

Source: Eco U

From birch wood cutlery to sugarcane bagasse tableware, Eco U provides a wide and unique range of biodegradable plant-based products that decompose about 2-3 times faster than starch-based products (which itself is already a sustainable packaging solution). For instance, Eco U’s sugarcane tableware takes about 3 months to decompose compared to 9 months for starch-based products.

Source: Eco U

Eco U also offers customisation services for brands to build brand awareness and set their business apart from the competition.

Apart from making direct purchases from its website, F&B business owners who are keen to purchase from Eco U can also consult their team on their business needs. 

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#3 HappyPackSG

Source: HappyPackSG

Local packaging retailer HappyPackSG guarantees the lowest prices in the industry. This is a great incentive for businesses that are looking to purchase eco-friendly packaging in bulk at a low cost. 

From edible rice straws to cutlery made from corn starch to paper dessert boxes, HappyPackSG provides an extensive range of sustainable packaging that caters to different business needs.

#4 Detpak

Source: Detpak

Boasting a clientele of market-leading brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks and Burger King, Australian company Detpak is committed to designing, manufacturing, and supplying the foodservice industry with world-class paper and cardboard packaging products.

Besides offering a range of sustainable packaging that are produced from ethically sourced materials, Detpak also offers their clients with the choice of customised packaging. 

#5 Pouch.eco

Source: Pouch.eco

F&B business owners who require the use of pouches in their daily operations can consider purchasing from Pouch.eco. The Hong Kong based firm offers a suite of 100% compostable elegant pouches that are made from FDA certified material and produced at manufacturing sites that are HACCP & BRC certified to ensure food safety.

Pouch.eco provides international shipping so businesses in Singapore can also get their hands on these sustainable pouches.

What Else Should Businesses Take Note Of When Purchasing From Eco-Friendly Suppliers?

Here are 3 other things F&B businesses should note when making a purchase from an eco-friendly supplier.

  1. Most packaging suppliers, whether they are eco-friendly solutions or not, typically require a minimum quantity order (usually in cartons)
  2. Sustainable packaging usually costs slightly more than non-sustainable packaging (eg, plastics)
  3. Majority of packaging suppliers will also offer customised solutions for F&B businesses that prefer to own the branding on their packaging

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