5 Best Wireless Mouse (At Different Price Range) for Multiscreen Work Setups

Wireless mouse

If you’re working with a multi-device set-up, you want to toggle between screens with a single mouse. A wireless multi-device mouse works best for this, as you will be avoiding additional wires. 

The wireless connection can be radio-frequency (RF) or Bluetooth, and you can connect to multiple devices via USB units that you insert into your laptops or computers.

RF mouse would need a USB dongle to connect, while a Bluetooth mouse uses a transmitter that communicates with the Bluetooth receiver within the computer. These features and more are part of the recommended mouse you can buy.

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#1 WisFox Wireless Mouse CE1296_01

Price: $22.88

Multi-device Connectivity: Up to 3 devices

Connections: Bluetooth 5.0 or Bluetooth 3.0

Dimensions: 5.6 x 10.8 cm

Colours: Black

WisFox Wireless Mouse
Source: WisFox

The WisFox mouse is performance-tested for 5 million clicks. As an ergonomic mouse, it is made out of skin-friendly silicone and plastic. The handfeel is pleasant thanks to its smooth, pebble-like design. With a symmetrical shape, it is fit for use by both left- and right-handers alike. Though this is the most affordable mouse on the list, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.0 to connect to a range of possible Bluetooth devices. 

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#2 Targus Midsize Comfort Multi-Device Antimicrobial Wireless Mouse

Price: $39.01

Multi-device Connectivity: Up to three devices

Connections: Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4 GHz wireless (USB)

Dimensions: 6.4 x 10.5 cm

Colours: Black

Targus Wireless Mouse
Source: Targus

How often do you hear of self-cleaning mice? This Targus mouse comes with a layer of Antimicrobial Protection that lasts for the lifetime of the product itself. Given the current pandemic, this is feature is increasingly relevant in office set-ups. Of course, this makes it a hygienic product if there are also multiple users from time to time.

Customise your mouse sensitivity and choose from 800, 1200, 1600, or 2400 DPI, so that you can work regardless of your work surface. This goes for any device under the mouse’s universal compatibility, since it supports tablets and phones too!

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#3 Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent

Price: $54

Multi-device Connectivity: Up to 2 devices

Connections: Bluetooth Low Energy or 2.4 GHz wireless (USB)

Dimensions: 6.4 x 10.3cm

Colours: Mid Grey Tonal, Ruby or Graphite Tonal

Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent
Source: Logitech

Customise your cursor speed, and assign your most-used shortcuts to the five buttons on the Logitech M590. This mouse provides an intuitive experience in multiscreen set-ups when you use it to move your cursor, files, images and text across two computers seamlessly, whether they are Mac or PC! All you have to do is pair the M590 to two devices, and you can toggle between them with just a click.

Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology reduces over 90% of clicking sounds (the sound of your mouse over long work hours could get annoying otherwise). Drop-offs and lag would be even more annoying, but the M590 has an effective range of up to 10m. It is also effective for up to 24 months without changing batteries, thanks to its auto-sleep power-saving mode.

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#4 Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Price: $79

Multi-device Connectivity: Up to 3 devices

Connections: Bluetooth Low Energy or 2.4 GHz wireless (USB)

Dimensions: 7.63 x 11.8cm

Colours: Matte Black, Peach, Pastel Blue or Glacier

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse
Source: Microsoft

The first thing you will likely notice about Microsoft’s Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is its dedicated thumb rest, part of the overall design promoting a neutral hand position. The mouse’s base is Teflon, its tracking sensor precise and its aluminum scroll wheel machined, which all mean smooth navigation no matter your work surface. And below the seamless finish are two pre-installed batteries which hold a charge for up to 15 months.

#5 Razer Pro Click

Price: $164.90

Multi-device Connectivity: Up to 4 Devices

Connections: Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4GHz wireless (USB) or wired

Dimensions: 8 x 12.7cm

Colours: White

Razer Pro Click
Source: Razer

There are three reasons this mouse is named the Pro Click. One is its fearsome longevity of up to 50 million clicks. The second reason is its tilt-click scroll wheel, which means you can not only scroll up and down, but left and right! Use this for spreadsheets and other wide documents, and use the Pro Click even as you charge it. Thirdly, you can connect (and click) on up to four devices.

As a collaboration between Razer and Humanscale, an office ergonomics company, the Pro Click was engineered by top ergonomics scientists and designers, based entirely on Humanscale’s research into human factors. With these thoughtful design considerations, your palm is supported so your wrist does not need to anchor onto work surfaces, which promotes better arm posture.

Note: Rates are converted at 1 USD to 1.35 SGD (as at 8 September 2021).

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