5 Questions With… Timothy, Co-Founder & Managing Editor, DollarsAndSense

5 Questions With… is an initiative to feature local entrepreneurs and give you a glimpse into their daily lives – how they live, work, and play. This week, we speak to Timothy Ho, the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of DollarsAndSense.

DollarsAndSense started in 2012 with the aim to help people make better financial decisions by producing original, bite-sized content in the form of articles, videos, infographics, an e-mail newsletter, a podcast, live-events, and even a brand new website, DollarsAndSense Business, which is aimed at entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed persons.

5 Things That Are Always In My Daily Routine

  • Checking up on Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other statistics.
  • Used to workout every morning. Haven’t been able to do that lately though.
  • Morning coffee!
  • I try to start most days writing an article or editing articles.
  • Morning huddle with the team at 9.30am (virtually now, of course!)

4 Apps I Cannot Live Without

I am going to avoid the usual Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram, which obviously most people use.

LittleFamilyRoom: It’s the app which the school uses to keep in touch with parents. Photos, letter to parents, learning progress are all on it. 

NLB Mobile: Download it if you have not done so. It’s awesome! Read this article!

Tabata Timer: I use this for HIIT workout. Before circuit breaker, I did HIIT about twice a week.

SingPass Mobile: While during ICT, my bunkmate, who was part of the team which helped build this app, told me to download it saying it would bring an exceptional level of convenience in my life. He was right!

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3 Books That Had The Biggest Impact On Me

The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford. Amazing book. Introduced me to a world where economics are can be incredibly fun to read and learn about, rather than to be seen as dry and boring. It’s a must-read for any aspiring financial writers. By the way, I can’t still can’t believe it only has a 3.8 rating on Goodreads. 

Freakonomics by Stephen J. Dubner & Steve Levitt. Another must-read for any econs and finance student. 

Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin. I think every entrepreneur need to read this book. It’s not as popular as other start-up books that teaches you how to build a great business, but it’s no less relevant and brutally honest. I just randomly picked it up from the library one day and it changed my perspective about building a business. Rand Fiskin, a successful founder himself, holds a contrarian view to the commonly held belief at Silicon Valley.

2 Entrepreneurs I Look Up To

I am not the kind that grew up with an idol crush on other entrepreneurs, so this is a tough question. But I do find myself being intrigued by Elon Musk. His autobiography (by Ashlee Vance) is also a great read. 

Closer to home in Singapore, I love what Tech in Asia have built as a Singapore-based media company so Willis Wee is definitely someone I also look up to. Still waiting for him to accept my LinkedIn connection though =)

1 Piece Of Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs

Have big dreams but be realistic. One thing I learned from other successful entrepreneurs is how all of them have big dreams and ambitions, but they are also very realistic people who have a good understanding of what it takes to build a sustainable business. Funny enough, it’s the people who don’t know how to build a business, or haven’t built one before, who will always accuse others for not dreaming big enough.

Timothy Ho

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