[Infographic] What Business Owners Need To Know From Budget 2021

The Singapore Budget 2021

The Singapore Budget 2021 is expected to deliver a deficit of $11 billion.

Many of the schemes and initiatives delivered by DPM Heng during the Budget 2020 were targeted towards businesses. This wasn’t surprising as stabilising employment and transforming local industries remain critical to overcoming last year’s COVID-19 downturn.

In terms of revenue, the government expects Singapore to return to pre-COVID-19 levels as estimated revenue fell in line with 2020 figures (before COVID-19 put a dent in the economy) and was higher than 2019 figures.

Here are 10 things that business owners should be aware of from Budget 2021.

Read the full article here: Singapore Budget 2021: 10 Things Business Owners Need To Know

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