Guide To CorpPass And How To Set It Up For Your Company And Staff

Just as SingPass is the personal identity account for individuals in Singapore to access government services, CorpPass is the service for businesses and other ACRA-registered entities to transact with the government digitally.

Since 2018, CorpPass has replaced SingPass and EASY as the only login method for companies and organisations when accessing Singapore government services.

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What Is CorpPass Used For?

Managed by GovTech, CorpPass is a corporate digital identity for businesses and other entities such as Non Profit Organisations (NPO) and associations. It enables government-to-business (G2B) transactions via a single login method for both Singapore-registered and foreign-registered entities.

As of 11 April 2021, you or your employees will need to login using your individual SingPass to access CorpPass. This streamlines the process as users can log in using their SingPass instead of having to set up a new login. However, it also means that companies need to assign the CorpPass roles appropriately and manage it diligently, especially after someone leaves the business. 

Various CorpPass Roles You Need To Be Familiar With

The government recognises there are different roles within a company, such as routine duties performed by HR managers/payroll staff, administrative duties overseen by a head of finance/HR/admin, and people with fiduciary responsibilities for the organisation, like owners, directors or the appointed corporate secretary.

CorpPass supports the creation different user accounts with the appropriate level of access given to each person based on the tasks they need to perform.

Registered Officer: For companies registered with ACRA, this person is registered as Officer in your entity’s BizFile, such as the business owner, company director/secretary, or authorised representative. Registered Officers can appoint another user (or themselves) to be the CorpPass Administrator.

CorpPass Admin: This is someone designated by the entity’s Registered Officer to manage CorpPass accounts, as well as view and transact on the company’s behalf. CorpPass Admins are usually the people in-charge of corporate services, such as a Head of Admin/Finance/Human Resources. There can only be a maximum of 2 CorpPass Admins.

CorpPass Sub-Admin: This is an optional type of account created by the CorpPass Admin to assist with managing CorpPass accounts for the entity, such as managers in corporate services. CorpPass Admins can grant CorpPass Sub-Admins the same access as themselves or a restricted set of permissions.

Enquiry User: This account can transact with digital services and view the entity’s CorpPass details. Examples of these users include auditors, secretaries, or other company officers/directors.

User: This account can transact with digital services, based on permissions granted by the CorpPass Admin/Sub-Admin. Users could be corporate services executives, payroll staff, or human resources managers.

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How To Start Using CorpPass

Here is the flowchart for Registered Officer to register a CorpPass Admin account:

How to register a CorpPass Admin.

Source: CorpPass

Assuming that they have a valid SingPass login, the simplest way to get started would be for the Registered Officer to visit the CorpPass website and click on Register as a CorpPass Admin. They can then appoint another CorpPass Admin, or Sub-Admin(s).

To begin the registration process, the Registered Officer should have the following information on hand:

– Unique Entity Number (UEN) of your company/organisation
– Registered Officer’s Full Name, NRIC Number, e-mail address, and their SingPass login credentials.
– To create additional CorpPass accounts, you need to have the user’s Full Name, NRIC Number, and e-mail address.

Depending on the structure of your business entity, this is the flowchart for creating additional CorpPass users:

Flowchart for creating additional CorpPass users.

Source: CorpPass

Government Services You Can Access With CorpPass

As mentioned, CorpPass is required for all digital dealings with the Singapore government, including (but not limited to):

– ACRA (corporate registration matters)
– IRAS (filing corporate income tax)
– MOM (work pass matters)
– CPF (for employees’ CPF matters)
– ESG (applying for grants)
– GEBIZ (accessing government tenders)
– IPOS (for intellectual property protection)
– Singapore Customs (for declaring imports)

Step-By-Step Guide To Assigning A CorpPass Role

Step 1: Set Up A CorpPass Admin Account

CorpPass - register admin account

Just fill your details and submit it online. You then receive an email from CorpPass saying that your CorpPass Admin Account is ready for use. 

Step 2: Login To CorpPass With Your SingPass

CorpPass - Login to CorpPass via SingPass

Once you have received your CorpPass Admin Account, you can login in to CorpPass. You will use your SingPass to login. The key difference is that you are logging in as Business User. 

Step 3: Create A User Account

CorpPass - user accounts

Even if you are a one-man-show and don’t have another partner or employee, you will still need to create a User Account for yourself. The account type should be Admin if you are the only person in the company. Each entity can have a maximum of 2 CorpPass Admins. 

CorpPass - Create User Accounts

Step 4: Select The E-Services You Want To Use

CorpPass - Select e-Services

Once you have created the user account, you can then select the e-services that your company will need to use. Just check the checkbox and submit your desired service. The one common service is CPF EZPAY for paying CPF contributions. 

Not all e-services are approved instantly. Some may require additional details or setup from the agency-in-charge. For example, CPF EZPAY requires additional setup at CPF’s website. These would be indicated in the columns “Additional Agency Check” or “Additional Details Required”. 

CorpPass - Select Entity's e-Services

Step 5: Assign The E-Service

Once the e-service is approved, you will then need to assign the e-service to the user. You must indicate the role and the effective date of authorisation. You may leave the authorisation expiry date blank if you are the business owner, or you can set an expiry for your employee’s user account. The expiry can be amended later as well. 

CorpPass - Assign e-Services

CorpPass - Assign Selected e-Services - select e-Services

CorpPass - Assign Selected e-Services - enter details

Once this is done, you can now proceed to use CorpPass for the various e-services. 

We hope you found this guide to CorpPass useful, and we hope you’ll use it to efficiently administer your corporate needs, and get back to building your business in no time.

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This article was first published on 10 September 2020 and has been updated.

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