Greening the IT Landscape: Why Reusing Is More Important Than Recycling

IT Hardware - reusing and prolonging lifespan

This article was contributed to us by Mat Jordan, CEO and Executive Director of Procurri 

It is widely reported that 80% of carbon emissions associated with IT hardware are produced at the point of manufacture, and so prolonging the lifespan of IT hardware plays a critical role in reducing its carbon footprint as part of total ownership. 

At Procurri, sustainability has been a fundamental principle for us since we founded the business in IT hardware resale. Our operations are aimed at extending the lifecycle of IT assets, maintaining a sustainable equilibrium between the reuse and recycling of end-of-life hardware, and helping to keep them out of landfill.

What is notable is the relatively high carbon emissions expected from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector by 2030 – projected at 1.25 Gt CO2 or 1,250,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide. ICT emissions are said to contribute approximately 2% of total COemissions globally – equivalent to the airlines, so it remains a significant contributor. 

Change is not about one organization or person trying to spur a transformation, but about all of us doing what we can, and improving on what we do today – for the benefit of tomorrow.

Undoubtedly, the global market push towards sustainability has never been more evident or urgent. Institutional investors are establishing new environment, social, and governance (ESG) objectives and investing capital in sustainability. Regulators and policymakers are implementing incentives and sanctions in a bid to expedite sustainability. Customers and vendors are creating new business offerings and practices to meet emerging sustainability requirements. 

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Managing the “Cradle to Grave” Sustainable IT Lifecycle

In particular, sustainable IT is fast becoming de rigueur – evolving customer demand has spurred a “double bottom-line” approach, which marries financial profit and social responsibility. Now, clients seek not only to lower carbon emissions, but also drive stronger returns from their IT investments.

This convergence of demand trends and broad market shifts has presented Procurri with compelling strategic opportunities. Our solutions deliver the double bottom-line benefits of sustainable IT, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing returns on investment (ROI). Our global platform and robust channel network provide us with extensive access to accelerating global demand.

What we offer is rare: few competitors can match the scope of services that we provide to enterprises to manage the “cradle to grave” sustainable IT lifecycle, from the purchase of equipment to its effective operation, and recycling/upcycling at the end of its useful life.

In particular, we are committed to reusing over recycling – where goods have no material value or use, we will always recycle on a zero-landfill basis. As part of Procurri’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solution, we collaborate with and for our partners to develop sustainable solutions.

Our third-party Maintenance solution is also a perfect fit for customers who want to extend the life of their IT assets, and provides more affordable and flexible maintenance options once the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty period expires. 

Likewise, our Lifecycle management strategy enables our clients to manage their decommissioned assets in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. We also offer enhanced value recovery rates to ensure client assets are reused wherever possible, which minimizes recycling rates, thereby maximizing carbon offset values. 

Sustainability Milestones Along Our ESG-Transformation Journey

Listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange (SGX) since 20 July 2016, Procurri has achieved a number of sustainability milestones in recent years. One is the award of Carbon Neutral status since 2021 by The Carbon Footprint Standard for our global operations spanning four continents. 

This means we offset the same amount of emissions we create as part of our operations. Having collated our global facility’s carbon data over the past two years, Procurri was able to achieve the independently certified CO2-assessed status, and subsequently offset our emissions through recognized certified programs.

We also retain the highest five-star rating in the United Nations “Support the Goals” initiative to drive awareness and commitment to UN Global Goals. These were formulated in 2015 with 193 world leaders agreeing to 17 goals to tackle poverty, equality and climate change. We have added #13 “Climate Action” to our existing list of #7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”, #9 “Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure” and #12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”. 

Additionally, Procurri has maintained all our global ISO certifications, and will continue to expand on these. We have continued to shift from Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) reporting to that of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and will be reporting on the majority of SGX’s “Core ESG Reporting Metrics”.

Procurri has made a commitment to achieve the following targets by 2025: 

  • Reducing energy consumed as a percentage of revenue by 1% year over year 
  • Increasing renewable-sourced electricity use
  • Operating on a carbon-neutral basis

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Structural Tailwinds Propelling Our Growth as an ESG IT Provider

Procurri is able to add value to nearly every aspect of an organization’s IT portfolio, from installation to eventual decommissioning. Our services are geared towards obtaining the most sustainable position feasible for all IT assets.

As a certified Carbon Neutral Organization, clients who choose to work with Procurri benefit – they can leverage Procurri’s sustainability credentials to boost their own sustainability messaging, helping to demonstrate their commitment towards sustainability.

In particular, a Carbon Neutral status positively impacts our customers’ Scope 3 reporting – the GHG Protocol breaks down the reporting of GHGs into three reporting criteria, with Scope 3 capturing Carbon within the supply chain of an organization – areas that it does not necessarily have direct control over.

With current high inflation and interest rates, we anticipate Procurri’s service portfolio to be ever more appealing to our clients, combining sustainable drivers with economic benefits. This significant alignment of consumption habits and broad market trends bodes well for our future. Procurri stands to benefit from market tailwinds as it positions itself as a leading ESG-style IT provider, dedicated to helping clients extend their IT hardware lifecycles more sustainably. 

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