5 Things I Learned Working for a Hypergrowth Startup

This article was contributed by Mansi Chopra, Marketing Manager at NIUM (formerly known as Instarem). Drop us a message to share your thoughts on entrepreneurship, the Singapore startup scene, or the gig economy.

As I complete 2 years at Nium (formerly known as Instarem), I took some time to reflect back on how far I’ve come.

I vividly recall the first few months, when I faced a steep learning curve.

Not only I was new to the startup world, but FinTech was also brand new to me. But seeing people lead with passion all around was empowering, and eventually, I found my way around.

It wasn’t easy. I had my shares of ups and downs but it drilled values like resilience, adaptability, and being comfortable with uncertainty, which will help me throughout my life, both personally and professionally.

#1 Don’t Take Your Job Description Too Seriously

When a million things are needed to be done with very lean teams, your job title can be very fluid. In one week, you could be working on the next marketing campaign, defining the UI/UX of your website, copywriting your next ad, editing the next blog post, and decorating the Christmas tree. As the week goes by, your job title changes to accommodate the skills that are needed at that time.

#2 Don’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting

Most start-ups are trying to transform the way things are traditionally done. Therefore, there is no rule book. Everyone is learning and growing along the way. Fail fast, fail often, and fail forward to find out what is most suitable for meeting your goals.

#3 It’s Okay To Be Misunderstood

Your young and raw enthusiasm will ruffle a few feathers. Some may like it, some may not – people are entitled to their opinions. It’s all about perspective. You be you – focus on your work, don’t be shy of sharing the big bold ideas, and if they get approved, double down your efforts and keep at it.

#4 You’ll Learn To Be Adaptable

Change is the only constant. You might spend weeks on ideas that might not see the day of the light. Remember to trust the process. Everyone is learning, from your CEO to the intern who joined your team yesterday. Start-ups are a work-in-progress. The constant ups and downs and juggling between roles will teach you the virtues of adaptability.

#5 You’ll Develop Self-Learning Skills

Start-ups have lean teams and aggressive targets. There won’t be people to handhold you all the time, and this will overwhelm you initially. But you’ll find your way. In fact, you will learn to take charge, dive in, and run things independently.

Lastly, find mentors and people that will make you better: They will be your guiding light. Be their shadow. Observe them, learn from them, and see what makes them who they are. This will give you a great perspective on where you stand, and what it truly takes to be like them.

On a final note, don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong. You’re there to make a difference, and everything you do won’t work. Have fun, share your ideas, and don’t be afraid to speak up. You’ve been hired because your ideas are important!


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