#myfirsttrade Content Series Articles

CEO Of Singapore’s Largest Social Network For Investors Shares The Best Tips From His Community

Acquire gems of wisdom and insights from InvestingNote, Singapore’s largest and most active online investing community.

Meet Collin, A Former Remisier Who Created A Trading System To Help Others Succeed In The Financial Markets

Needing to bear $250,000 in losses incurred by a client was the impetus for Collin to create his own propriety trading methodology.

David Kuo: From A Chemistry PhD To Helping People Build Their Own Six-Figure Investment Portfolio

Read about the ups and downs of Motley Fool Singapore CEO David Kuo’s eventful investment journey, including a stint as a bookie.

Terence Wong Of Azure Capital Shares His Journey From Equity Research To Investing Millions In The Market

Prominent investor and advocate of the Singapore market, Terence Wong, shares valuable lessons from journey to be a professional fund manager.

Kim Iskyan: A Globe-Trotting Investment Analyst Who Wants To Simplify Global Investing For S'pore Investors

As Kim Iskyan learnt the hard and expensive way, sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be contrarian. Here's how he made a million dollar mistake.

Up Next, We Speak With The Highly-Acclaimed Trading Educator Jonathan Tan From The Charting Academy

Stay tuned to this page for the full interview with Jonathan Tan of The Charting Academy. Coming later in June. We can't wait either!

Make Your First Trade Trade With IG

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