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Cost Guide To Golf Courses In Singapore

Singapore has 15 golf courses. 3 are for the public while 12 are for members (including 3 owned by SAF)

With COVID-19 travel restrictions still in place, going to Johor Bahru or Batam for a golf game no longer seems to be a viable option anymore. The lack of activity options has also driven more Singaporeans to the game of golf in recent times. Golf is known to be a social sport that is essential for networking. A 2017 study from National University Singapore shows that women who played golf have a 54% higher chance of entering a company board.

With Phase 3 still in place, most golf courses would not allow walk-in visitors unless accompanied by a member host.

Interested golfers itching for a game could consider going to one of the public golf courses or consider signing up as a club member to play the game. Membership sign-ups for clubs are exclusive and happens only at a certain time frame of the year. However, it is still possible to get memberships from the open market which could differ from the original guided membership price listed on the website.

For this article, unless it is stated that the club membership is full and only available for transfer, we would be focusing on the membership price payable if you were to sign up directly at the club.

Currently, there are 15 golf courses in Singapore – 3 are public courses while 12 are private golf courses (including the 3 SAF-owned clubs). Here is the complete cost guide to playing the golf courses in Singapore.

Golf Clubs Courses Driving Range
Public Clubs Champion Golf – Green Fairways (at Eng Neo) 18-hole 1
Executive Golf Course (at Mandai) 9-hole 1
Marina Bay Golf Course 18-hole 1
Private Clubs NSRCC – Changi Three 18-hole 1
NSRCC – Kranji 0
Sembawang Country Club 18-hole 1
Changi Golf Club 9-hole 1
Keppel Club 18-hole 1
Laguna National Golf & Country Club Two 18-hole 1
Orchid Country Club Three 9-hole 1
Seletar Country Club 18-hole 1
Sentosa Golf Club Two 18-hole 1
Singapore Island Country Club Three 18-hole + 9-hole 2
Tanah Merah Country Club Two 18-hole 1
Warren Golf & Country Club 18-hole 1


(Public) Champions Golf – Green Fairways (at Eng Neo)   

Established in 1988, Champions Golf Course is the oldest public golf course in Singapore. The course has an 18-hole course (for members), a 9-hole course, and a driving range.

Membership for Champion Golf is through associations such as Golf Alliance (GAZ) or Compass Club. For GAZ membership, there are 4 different types of memberships with varying levels of access to golf facilities. For the highest tier, expect to pay about $320 per annum for adults. For Compass Club membership, expect to pay about $195 per annum for adults.

The golf facilities fees are as shown below with preferential pricing for GAZ and Compass Club golf members.

The driving range fees are payable on the number of balls used. The range would require a card to store credits and the card fee is $8. The driving range rates are as shown below.

Source: Champions Golf

(Public) Executive Golf Course (at Mandai)

Opened in 1993, Mandai Golf Course has a 9-hole course and a driving range.

The golf course booking fees are as shown below.

Source: Mandai Executive Golf

The driving range is based on the number of balls being used. The rates are as follows – $2.40 for 40 balls, $4.80 for 80 balls and $720 for 120 balls.

(Public) Marina Bay Golf Course

Managed by NTUC Club, Marina Bay Golf Course is the first and only 18-hole golf course opened to the public. The public can book the courses on the website directly. Those with NTUC Club membership can book the course or driving range at discounted prices for selected days. For more details, visit My Golf Kaki.

Golf course fees are as shown below. Do note that there would be additional costs for evening golfing sessions.

Driving range fees are as listed below.

Source: Marina Bay Golf Course

National Service Resort Country Club (NSRCC – Changi & Kranji)

Under the same National Service Resort Country Club (NSRCC) management as the Kranji side, Changi NSRCC has recently had its lease renewed. However, the renewal would require NSRCC to return some land back to the state for airport construction. Currently, Changi has an 18-hole golf course. In the future, the Changi club would be reduced to 9-hole course with a driving range. Kranji will continue to have its two 9-hole courses available.

The unique point of the NSRCC is that the club is only eligible for NSmen and regulars. The membership can be split into 2 categories, full or basic. Full membership gives the member full access while the basic membership allows for all facilities use, except weekend golf. Total aggregate membership cannot exceed 30 years. On top of membership fees, members will have to pay monthly fees for the club subscription fees too which varies depending on the type of membership. The fees are listed below.

The golfing fees are as listed below.

Source: NSRCC

Sembawang Country Club          

Managed by the Singapore Armed Forces, Sembawang Country Club was established in 1967 and is used by the Armed Forces as a recreational facility. However, the course is also open to the public for bookings and usage. The club has an 18-hole course along with a driving range.

Currently, the membership is open to regulars on the Singapore Armed Forces. Membership pricing is not available on the website.

Golf courses fee do still apply to members and visitors. The pricing is as listed below.

Source: Sembawang Country Club

The driving range fees are not listed on the website. Do contact the club for more information.

Changi Golf Club            

Changi Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Singapore.  With only one 9-hole golf course, it is one of the tougher golf courses in Singapore due to the tight arrangement of the play. The previous lease was set to due by the end of this year 31st December, but Changi Golf Club was awarded a new lease until 2040.

The current membership price is a 2-year period for a total cost of $11,556. $5,556 is payable upfront while the rest of the fees are split into 24-month installment period at a monthly rate of $250. For more information do check on the official website.

Source: Changi Golf Club

Usage of the golf facilities would still require booking fees and payments. Due to COVID-19, non-members are still not allowed to use the facilities as a visitor.

Keppel Club

As the oldest club in Singapore, Keppel Club boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1832 – for over 190 years. There is an 18-hole golf course and a driving range for members to practice their swings. In total, there are 3 types of memberships – Ordinary, Corporate and Social. The Social membership allows members to use all club facilities except golfing. The membership payment is made annually as shown below.

Apart from paying the annual fees for membership, members have to pay monthly fees. Golfing members will need to pay more due to the maintenance fees required to service the golf facilities while non-golfing members pay about $15 lesser.

Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, no walk-in visitors are currently allowed to the golf facilities. All guests have to be accompanied by their host. Members would also have to pay the prices below upon each booking to utilise the golf facilities.

Source: Keppel Club

Before signing up for the membership, do note that Keppel’s golf course lease is set to expire by the end of the year to make way for housing development plans. The club would be moved to a new location while Keppel club will take up Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) Sime Public Course from 2022. Keppel members can use the Sime course with additional fees. For more information, it would be best to check directly with the club.

Laguna National Golf & Country Club     

Established in 1993, Laguna National Golf and Country Club had a history of hosting professional championships. The club courses have been graced by the likes of golf legends including Tiger Woods and Ernie Els. The club has 2 18-holes courses – classic and master course, and a driving range.

The membership prices are not listed on the website. There are currently, 6 types of memberships – Full, Corporate, Single course, 5-year term, 1-year term, and weekday plus+. Full, corporate, and term memberships allow members to enjoy the full benefits of all the golf facilities. Single course allows for members to enjoy one course and the driving range full benefits. Lastly, members of weekday plus+ get to enjoy the full club benefits only on weekdays and would have to pay additional fees for non-weekday usage.

Orchid Country Club     

Managed by NTUC, the Orchid Country Club consists of three 9-hole golf courses including a driving range. The memberships are split into – individual, corporate, social and term, which are further subdivided into different types. The range of membership allows for flexibility for people to join accordingly to their needs. The price of memberships is listed below.

Other than normal membership, we can opt for term memberships. Among the listed term types, the weekday golf membership has the most affordable pricing at 1-year for $3,000 and 3-years for $8,500.

Green fees still apply to members. The prices for using the golf facilities are shown below.

The driving range fees are chargeable on a per-ball use basis. The fees vary for peak hours which are evening time slots starting from 6pm on weekdays and whole day for weekends (including public holidays). The fees are as listed below:

Source: Orchid Country Club

Do note that the Orchid Country Club lease has been renewed recently until 2030 and is not expected to have any further renewals.

Seletar Country Club     

Awarded the best renovated golf course in Asia Pacific for Global Golf Awards in 2020, Seletar Country Club is home to an 18-hole course and a driving range. In total there are four different types of memberships – ordinary, corporate, social and lifestyle. Ordinary and corporate membership gives full access to the club facilities, including golf. Lifestyle provides the same coverage as ordinary but fixed to a specific term. Social membership basically allows members to enjoy club facilities except golf. The prices for these memberships are listed below.

Range prices are not disclosed online and details on visitors are not shared publicly, for more information do check with the club directly.

Sentosa Golf Club (SGC)

Awarded as the best golf club in the 2019 World’s Golf Club Award, Sentosa Golf Club prides itself on its world-renowned facilities. The club has 2 main golf courses – The Serapong and The New Tanjong. Both courses are 18-hole courses, and only the New Tanjong is available for visitor booking. The Serapong is only available to members and their guest.  Apart from courses, we can use the driving range available at the different courses too.

In total, there are three types of memberships – ordinary, corporate and term. Term membership represents a short membership duration instead of the usual lifetime membership. The term membership cost about $30,000 a year which is $2,500 per month.

After joining as member, golf facilities can be booked for usage with a fee. Below are the rates for booking the golf facilities.

Source: SGC

Singaporean Visitors or members going to SGC for a game would be pleased to know that Sentosa currently does not have the $2 entry charge until 31st March 2021.

Singapore Island Country Club (SICC)

The most prolific golf membership club in Singapore, the club has 2 main locations – Island at Island Club Road and Bukit at Sime Road. The club has three 18-hole courses, a new 9-hole composite course and 2 driving range. Island location comprises of one 18-hole, 9-hole course and a driving range. While the Bukit location has the other two 18-hole courses and a driving range. Currently, there are 3 types of memberships – ordinary, corporate and term. The membership for the club is currently full and can only be purchased off existing members. More details for memberships can be found on the website.

With membership, members can book the golf facilities for a fee and bring their guests along. Do note that the new course is the only 9-hole course for the club.

Source: SICC

The driving range are accessible to members. However, if members would like to bring a guest, there would be extra charges. For the Bukit range, guests can expect to pay about $140 for weekdays and $270 on weekends. For the Island range, guest can pay about $149.80 for weekdays and $288.90 for weekends. Balls for driving range would be available for sale until 10pm for Bukit range and 10.30pm for Island range.

Tanah Merah Country Club

Home to John Travolta (Hollywood star)’s favorite hole, Tanah Merah Country Club has a total of two 18-hole golf courses – Garden Course and Tampines Course.  There is also a driving range located at the Tampines course.

The membership can be split into ordinary, corporate and term memberships. The term memberships last between 1 to 2-years. The 1-year term membership cost $25,680 while the 2 -year term membership cost $50,290.

Ordinary and corporate memberships follow the pricing listed below.

The golfing fees for the courses are applicable as listed below.

Source: Tanah Merah Country Club

For the renewal of lease to 2040, the country club would be giving up 6 holes of the Garden Course to make way for Singapore airport construction.  The date of gazette is not confirmed yet, but it is worth noting that the number of holes available in the courses might change in the future.

The driving range at the Tampines course are free for members but guest would have to pay $11 on weekdays and $32.50 on weekends. Balls have to be purchased at the site for usage.

Warren Golf & Country Club     

Located in Chua Chu Kang, Warren Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest golf clubs around too. Being a heritage brand, the membership is already full, and it can only be acquired from another member. The club has an 18-hole course and a driving range.

The memberships are split into 4 types – corporate, golfing transferable, lady transferable, term or social transferable. The memberships are standard, whereby corporate, golfing, lady and term allows for full access to the club facilities. The term would be yearly renewable. Social membership would therefore be full access to club facilities except golf facilities, especially on weekends. On top of memberships, there is a monthly fee of $171.20 for all members except ladies and social members. Ladies are only charged $107 while social members pay $85.60. Below listed are the prices for the various memberships.

Golf facilities fees are applied as listed below.


The driving range also comes at a reasonable price as seen below.

Source: Warren Golf & Country Club