5 Questions With…Nigel Ng, Founder of Invest With Nigel

Still only 21 and an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nigel Ng isn’t someone who is contented to wait for his studies to be over before starting his own ventures. During his national service days, Nigel spent his free time working on a blog about sneakers and was able to commercialise it. Till today, he still earns passive income from the blog even though he is no longer working on it.

Nigel is now involved in a bigger and more important topic (no offence to sneakers) – stock investing. Like many young guys (including this writer) in Singapore, Nigel got interested in stock investing back in late 2018 and started reading up on the topic. Year to date, his personal portfolio is up almost 40%.

Earlier this year, he turned this passion into a project – Invest With Nigel. Unlike most other financial sites like DollarsAndSense, the content generated is mainly created on two platforms – YouTube and Instagram.

While Invest With Nigel does not provide him with any income yet, Nigel takes on other side hustle projects to generate income for himself. He also receives a small allowance from his NUS scholarship.

Looking at the number of videos you post (about 1-2 times a week) on your YouTube channel and that you have an active Instagram page, how do you find the time to work on these projects simultaneously while being a full-time student, and also having digital marketing projects that you take on.

I think beyond good time-management, knowing what to prioritise is really important as well. One exercise I’ve found really helpful was to list out my top 5 To-Dos everyday before my day starts and focus solely on them. This helps me to keep other distractions away and maximise my time. As for school, I try to attend all my classes though I must admit that there were times when I skipped some classes to prioritise my other commitments. That said, I try to catch up anytime I can.

As a full-time student venturing into entrepreneurship, time is undoubtedly precious. What are 4 things in your daily routine that help keep you going?

#i Daily task planning

#ii Working out

#iii Reading

#iv Reminding myself of my goals

3 websites that you frequently turn to gain the financial knowledge that you need?

Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, Reuters

Share 2 digital marketing tips that you have learned over the past year as you build up the Invest With Nigel brand?

Being authentic with the audience – Just be yourself!

Giving what your audience wants – Constantly ask for feedback to improve on your content.

1 advice that you will give for aspiring students who want to start their own ventures

Just start. There’s never a better time than now when you’re young and have little obligations. This is the best time to take risks and step out of your comfort zone to do what you love.

Nigel Ng

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