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6 Free Apps That Help You Become More Productive In Life

Check out these apps that can help you keep track of your life

Many of us have a busy schedule, regardless of our occupation – these include office workers, civil servants, financial planners, freelancers, students and even homemakers.

There are many things that we have to keep track of, such as appointments, projects, and grocery lists. We have to keep track of these things so that we stay on top of our day-to-day schedule.

Here are 6 useful apps that can help you manage your life easily and remind you to take care of yourself.

1. Wunderlist


This user-friendly app wins with an easy-to-navigate user interface. Wunderlist allows you to create and customise your to-do lists. You can set reminders for yourself, keep different lists in different folders, and even add friends to your lists so that they can contribute. The background can also be selected from the beautiful images provided.

Wunderlist is especially useful when it comes to group projects. Because you can add other people to lists, jobs and roles can be assigned through Wunderlist and every team member can keep track of each other’s progress.

2. Google Keep


Google Keep’s minimalistic design makes it easy for you to see all your notes at one go. Similar to Wunderlist, you can collaborate with others, label your sticky notes, and set reminders on specific days and time.

But unlike Wunderlist, you can set a location-based reminder. For example, if you need to bank in a cheque on your way home, you can set Google Keep to remind you when you arrive at the train station or when you are in the vicinity of the bank.

3. Overdrive

Bet you didn’t know that you can borrow e-books from the National Library Board through this handy app! Overdrive is an app that allows you access to the libraries you are registered to. In Singapore, almost everyone has access to the NLB libraries. To borrow e-books, all you have to do is download this app, add the NLB as your library, and sign into your account.

When you borrow the e-books, you can either read them on your browser or add them to Overdrive so that you can read them while offline. The titles will only be returned after 21 days. This gives you a convenient way of reading regardless of where you are. With this app, you have no excuse to not do a bit of reading for self-improvement every day.

4. Stand Up

Stand Up 1

Stand Up only has one purpose – to remind you to stand up. That’s right, you didn’t read wrongly.

Working long hours in the office means that you are seated down for almost the entire day, with little to no movement. This can be detrimental to your health in the long run, with back aches and shoulder aches a common issue among office workers.

Stand Up reminds you to get moving at intervals, depending on your settings. All you need is to indicate your working hours and how often you want to be reminded to stand up. Notifications will then pop up on your phone, like what’s shown below.

Stand Up 2

Taking a short break from your work can definitely improve your productivity.

5. Rthm


Rthm is another health-related app, although its purpose is not as specific as Stand Up. It encourages you to improve your general well-being by tracking your movement, heart activity, sleeping hours, and mindfulness (through meditation), and putting them against your goals.

Fuss-free and not cluttered with too much unnecessary information like other apps, Rthm makes you want to keep track of your lifestyle. Through this app, you can keep your well-being in check and ensure that you are always in your best state to perform when it matters the most.

6. Seedly


The newest app to hit our shores, Seedly brand’s promise is simple – Save Time, Spend Smarter. What this locally designed app does is that it helps users quickly classify their spending into different categories. It tells you how much you spent on groceries, petrol, food and entertainment in any given month, without you having to spend time tediously recording it down on your notepad, and then transferring the information onto Excel.

At the end of each month, you know exactly how much you spent, what you are spending on and how much you are saving.

So there, six free apps for you to try out! Share with us your experience and let us know what other apps you like to use to get your life in order and keep your productivity level high.

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