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5 Must-Read Singapore Articles On Personal Finance

We can all relate to them

Need some motivation to get started on your personal finance planning? Looking for tips to improve your decision-making skills? There are many useful local finance websites that you can go to and learn more.

Here are five great personal finance articles that we think are definitely be worth your time.

#1 How Anyone Can Retire With $3 Million Dollars


“Retiring with $3 million is way more than what 90% of people will ever save in their lifetimes. Yet, paradoxically, anyone can do this. You don’t need to be a graduate. You don’t need to be a fancy investment banker. You don’t need to come from a rich family.”

This Cheerfulegg article is a follow up to the writer’s post on saving $100k before you turn 30. The writer explained that $3 Million Dollars is not unattainable and provided a realistic timeline of how you can accumulate the money for retirement.

While most of us will balk at the huge amount of savings that is seemingly impossible to attain, the most important takeaway is that attempting to achieve that million dollars goal is better than doing nothing and hoping that you will somehow end up with the money.

#2 You Won’t Want To Be Mr Average!


My 15 Hour Work Week

“Moreover, as I grew up, I also realised that Mr Average sets a really low bar, which can easily be cleared by most.”

My 15 Hour Work Week spells out why being an average person is frightening and how easy it is to rise above others in this very relatable article.

This motivating piece will drive you to start analysing your day-to-day habits and the consequences of your actions. Knowing that your daily procrastination actually short-changes you significantly in the long run will change your attitude towards financial matters.

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#3 Here Are Some Important Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent


Budget Babe

“While much has been said about black-sheep agents who mislead their clients into purchasing certain policies, the bigger question of how you can differentiate the bad FAs from the good ones still remains.”

Budget Babe penned down seven different questions you can ask your insurance agent about and what their responses indicate. Getting the insurance plan that meets your needs is important and knowing how to do so is even more vital.

Getting an insurance policy is almost never a one-off thing – it requires us to stick to a long-term plan. Since most of us make our insurance decisions based on advice from an insurance agent, it is important that we are able to find reliable agents whom we can trust.

#4 7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Investing



“It is important to ask yourself these 7 questions before you start investing. It can be summarized into RRTTLLU (Risk, Return, Time frame, Tax, Legal constraint, Liquidity constraint, Unique objective). This is to ensure that the asset that you are going to invest suit your investment objectives and constraints (IOC).”

If you are new to investing, these questions posed by BigFatPurse will serve as a good guide for your investment strategy. Your answers will help you find out which investment option is best suited for you.

We might be overwhelmed by the amount of information provided to beginners on the internet, but this article allows us to think logically and not act on our emotions. It teaches us to remember the reasons why we are investing and to record down and review them annually.

#5 13 skills that are hard to learn but will pay off forever


Business Insider Singapore

“The best things in life may be free, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire. That’s especially the case when it comes to learning important life skills.”

This article from Business Insider Singapore basically gives you 13 life hacks to succeed in life. Although not entirely related to personal finance, being able to master these habits will be one of the best investments you can make.

Habits of the mind can alter the way we look at life and the way others view us. Knowing the importance of this will help us get very far, not just in the workplace, but also with the management of our own finances.

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The Simple Dollar

“Here’s the secret: it’s not about being rich. Having a big net worth is just an indicator of what this whole process is really about. It’s all about freedom.”

Although this is not by a local website, the article from The Simple Dollar is an extremely easy-to-digest summary on how you can conquer your personal finances with five simple rules. The article breaks down these rules and provides you with solutions and suggestions to achieve your goals.

So here are the five articles, let us know your favourite articles if they are not in the list above!

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