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2-Cent Rant

5 Memes and Gifs to Explain Why We Spend So Much

A Picture speaks a thousand words.

Have you ever wondered why we spend so much more than what we originally intended? Here are some possible explanations for it.

1. Alcohol



In Singapore, the more you drink, the poorer you become. 

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2. Food

In Singapore, we live to eat. Not the other way around



When you have a bad day, it is always comforting to eat the food you love.

3. Make-up

No women in the world will say that they had enough cosmetics. Period.

Make Up


4. Gadgets 


iPhone 6S, Macbook Air, iPad Pro or Apple Watch?

5. Impulse Buy

impulse buy

Who needs a shopping list when you can make an impulse purchase on your credit card? 

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