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3 Finance Influencers Share With Us Their Greatest Money Fears

Scarier than a halloween haunted house.


It’s common for many of us to have some form of money fears while growing up. These could include worries over having enough money to raise your own family, buy a home, take care of your elderly parents or whether you can ever save enough for your retirement. It could even be something as simple as saving enough money so that we can renovate and furnish our new home, as the video below shows.

To get some perspective of the common money fears that young Singaporeans have, we spoke to three finance influencers- Dinesh Dayani (Co-founder of DollarsAndSense), Kyith Ng (Founder of Investment Moats) and Anna Vanessa (Founder of The New Savvy), to find out what their biggest money fear was growing up, and what they did about it as adults.

Read More: 3 Finance Influencers Share Their Biggest Money Fears While Growing Up, And What They Did About It When They Became Adults is a website that aims to provide interesting, bite-sized financial articles which are relevant to the average Singaporean. Love what you just watched? Subscribe to the DollarsAndSense YouTube channel for more great finance videos! aims to provide interesting, bite-sized and relevant financial articles.

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